Case Study: 630% Growth and Raising a Seed Round with InHome Home Services

InHome is a disruptor in the home services market. They make it easier, faster, and cheaper to buy boilers, furnaces, and air conditioners for home installations without requiring you to call contractors, have sales visits, wait for quotes, or research products. They offer free instant quotes for replacements and installs as soon as the next day.

When InHome started working with us, they had an internal employee running their paid media campaigns. Their strategy seemed to be performing well; however after a deep analysis, we were able to quickly identify numerous growth opportunities to significantly improve performance and results.

We began by updating their account structure. This allowed us to invest their monthly budget into the most profitable services and gave us greater control over geotargeting. We did an advanced location analysis to identify the most profitable locations, and restructured campaigns to split out more and less profitable geos. This strategy led to a higher profit margin in our high-value geo campaigns, which enabled us to push aggressively in these areas and protected us from further investing in less profitable areas.

By assessing the account’s search terms, we noticed that InHome was also overpaying for smaller appliances, manuals, and remotes that would drive less revenue for the business than larger appliances like a full boiler replacement. In addition, some of the search terms featured products out of InHome’s scope that were unlikely to convert to sales. By skewing away from lower price-point items and removing unqualified search terms, we pushed more aggressively into high-quality search terms to improve our profitability.

With the campaigns split out by relative value, we updated the bidding strategy. For campaigns with a higher expected customer value (the better geos and the larger appliances), we targeted a higher cost-to-acquire a customer. With the understanding that the sales price would be higher, we drove more sales in these campaigns, without over-investing in the low performing geos or search terms. For the low performing items, we targeted a much lower cost-to-acquire a customer, allowing us to bid across the entire set of geos and search terms in a way that was proportional to the expected customer value. This approach ensured we remained profitable for each campaign, while also maximizing volume.

Finally, true to our holistic approach, we didn’t stop our analysis at their advertising accounts and campaigns. We also analyzed InHome’s landing pages, utilizing a variety of analytics tools, and updated their ad copy to promote “next day service”, “no hidden fees”, and “over $1,000 in savings”. These adjustments managed to nearly double conversion rates and increased clickthrough rates by over 50%.

The combination of these changes allowed us to increase monthly lead volume by 630%, reduce cost per lead by 63%, increase budgets by 172%, and improve conversion rates by 168% within a 6 month time frame. While InHome was pleased with the performance, it’s clear they weren’t the only ones. They were able to leverage their success to attract investors and raise a Seed round of funding, enabling them to accelerate their growth and expand their business even further.

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