Case Study: Advancing Google Analytics and Doubling Volume with is the leading destination for future nurses to learn and study for their exams. Our client Andrew Neal, Director of Marketing at, was referred to us at the start of 2021. He was looking for an Analytics consultancy and heard Stackmatix was a trusted resource in the industry. Andrew and came to Stackmatix with an advanced digital marketing program that they had scaled up quickly over the years. The company was growing so quickly that Andrew needed extra support to manage and take advantage of all of the opportunities available to through various marketing channels. ran an advanced Paid Search program on Google driving profitable results for the business when we were first introduced. While had seen a ton of success with their program, Andrew knew there were still opportunities to scale, but felt limited by the granularity of the reporting available in Google Analytics.

We see it all too often that as marketing programs scale, advancing reporting becomes essential in order to continue optimizing efficiently. Additionally, moving towards advanced attribution models provides a more accurate and ultimately more efficient measurement system. We improved’s reporting by:

  • Creating a single spreadsheet that mapped all key conversion tags and triggers for Google Ads, Google Analytics (GA), and Google Tag Manager.
  • Expanding's tracking from 20 GA goals to 80+ GA goals, which enabled more detailed assessment of user engagement and traffic quality.
  • Creating Google Data Studio dashboards that pulled in data from multiple GA Views and provided real-time performance reporting.

As the tracking was being advanced, Andrew was also interested in having Stackmatix take over Paid Search as a channel in order to free up some of his own, extremely limited, time. We assigned one of our Account Directors, who as part of her past experience notably managed tens of millions of dollars a year running StubHub’s Paid Search program, to drive’s Paid Search efforts. As such, Stackmatix was able to offer a solution that was not only more economical than bringing on a full-time hire, but also delivered the highest-level of expertise and thought leadership to maximize’s growth.

In the end, we more than doubled conversion volume while consistently achieving customer acquisition costs below cost-per-acquisition thresholds. We were able to achieve these results by:

  • Expanding’s keyword set to maximize coverage and remain competitive on high-value, high-opportunity terms
  • Utilizing different bidding strategies to optimize to different goals within the account and accommodate landscape fluctuations
  • Restructuring existing campaigns to contain slimmer, more tightly-themed ad groups with refreshed, highly relevant ad copy

We’re excited about the progress we’ve made, and even more excited about the road ahead for Paid Search is just the tip of the iceberg, and we’re excited to test new channels like Display, YouTube, and Paid Social over time.

Stackmatix’s mission is to support the growth of startups and high-velocity businesses over the long term, so we’re always excited when we can really move the needle for one of our clients. We’d love to see if we can move the needle for your business. Email us at to schedule an introductory call with our team!