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5 Step Landing Page Structure to Drive Qualified Leads

Here's a situation we run into far too often when we perform our first landing page audit for our clients:

✅ They’ve invested in their advertising creative, copy, audience, content targeting, and platforms.

✅ They’ve spent considerable effort (and money) to drive their audience to their landing page.

✅ The target user arrives to learn more about their business, hopeful they’ll solve their problems or be the solution they never knew they needed.

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Published January 19, 2022

Achieving 500%+ Growth in 3 Months with Backblaze

Stackmatix began working with Backblaze as they were looking to scale their marketing program throughout the year. They were looking to run a more comprehensive marketing program and needed extra support quickly to fully test all viable options and identify untapped opportunities.

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Published January 11, 2022

3 Tips to Maximize Your CRM Investment

In today’s day and age, at the heart of every successful sales team lies a consolidated database which acts as the epicenter for all outbound interaction and relationship management. At its core, customer relationship management (CRM) is all of the activities, strategies, and technologies that companies use to manage their interactions with their current and potential customers, so that no customer (or prospect) feels ignored; thus generating more leads, opportunities, deals, and ultimately revenue.

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Published January 4th, 2022