Case Study: 50% Decrease in Cost-Per-Qualified-Lead, 3x Increase in ROAS, Launched 2 New Ad Platforms

The CEO of the B2B online video platform company Dacast, Stephan Roulland, was skeptical of ad agencies, having been burned in the past. Dacast had a long history of running online ads on both Google and Facebook, and they weren’t sure whether these leads were qualified or were converting effectively to sales.

One of Stackmatix’s first priorities was upgrading Dacast’s reporting capabilities. We developed a unified dashboard that brought in data from Google Ads, AdRoll, and Salesforce to go beyond cost per lead and report on cost-per-qualified lead, cost-per-sale, and ROAS.

Stackmatix achieved the following strategic objectives within 6 months:

  • Dropped the cost-per-qualified lead by 50%.
  • Increased the ROAS by 3x.
  • Launched two new ad platforms (Bing and Facebook) with a plan to launch a third (LinkedIn) in the near future.

We were able to achieve this kind of success by analyzing data further down the funnel and shifting budget around accordingly (e.g.stopping ad targeting to certain countries which drove strong cost-per-leads but low numbers of qualified leads or sales), experimenting with Google Bid Strategies to find the winning formula, and analyzing performance by vertical in order to double down on winners.

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