Case Study: Driving a 25x Sales Increase, 400%+ ROAS, and a 15x Increase in Ad Spend with Playbook Products

Playbook Products runs a sports-focused e-commerce business that relied heavily on Etsy for product sales and was looking for ways to drive more traffic via their main website.

Within a few weeks of working with Stackmatix, Playbook was spending close to $1k/month on online ads, and in under a year’s time, was spending over $15k/month.

Playbook’s Shopify sales YTD in 2020 are more than 8x higher than in 2019, and Shopify sales in July 2020 were 25x greater than in July 2019! Campaigns were still ramping up at the beginning of the year and now that all platforms are operating at closer to optimal capacity, the business is accelerating!

If you’re a sports fan or ever looking for a gift for a fan, check out for a great selection of products.

Stackmatix accomplished this through creating 100’s of highly personalized creatives to match each sport and team, testing across platforms to find the best fit, and frequent budget modifications to correspond with seasonality.

If you want to produce these kinds of results for your own business, reach out to to schedule a free consultation with our team.

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