Case Study: 50% Drop in Customer Acquisition Cost & 279% Increase in Ecommerce Sales with Remoov & The Local Flea

Running one business is hard, and running two is even harder! That’s exactly the challenge our client and CEO Luis Perez takes on in running the two-sided businesses of Remoov and The Local Flea.

Remoov & The Local Flea are startups focused on making the home and office goods markets more efficient. Remoov picks up and then either donates, recycles, or sells clients’ goods for them. In the event that the client would like to sell the goods, they are sold through The Local Flea’s retail store locations or directly to customers online. The two businesses reduce waste by recycling or finding a new owner for home and office goods.

Early this year, we were excited to learn that Luis hired Jeff Biesman as Chief Growth Officer. Jeff has a storied business background including SVP & VP of Marketing roles at Bank of America and Shoedazzle, just to name a couple.

Stackmatix has accomplished a number feats in 2 years working with Remoov and Local Flea:


  • Google Ads campaigns were profitable in under 1 month.
  • More than 50% reduction in customer acquisition costs over time.
  • Monthly ad spend increase of 300%. Launched a new market in Tempe, Arizona.

The Local Flea:

  • The Local Flea website sales up 279% YTD.
  • 220% ROAS on Facebook/Instagram Ads.
  • Setup and launched dynamic remarketing across Google and Facebook.
  • Sales attributed to marketing up 220% YTD.

From CEO Luis Perez himself:

︎Stackmatix has been a great partner for my business helping us to grow and to launch in new markets through their expertise in digital marketing. Our campaigns have been profitable from the first month of working together and we’ve both scaled our campaigns significantly while also dropping our customer acquisition costs by 50%. I couldn’t be happier!

Remoov & The Local Flea started their business by servicing the San Francisco Bay Area market and successfully pioneered their model in this market. Next, working with Stackmatix, we took the model and launched Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona as the second market for the business.

We are excited to work alongside Luis and Jeff to take the business national city by city with our proven strategy.

At Stackmatix, we find the best results for customers by looking holistically at the customer journey and marketing funnel. We use creative methods to drive outsized results for our clients and constantly iterate, never settling for the status quo.

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