Case Study: 51% Drop in CPA and Scaling Budget by 4.8x with The Factual

In a world filled with biased news reporting, our client The Factual is a breadth of fresh air with an ad-free news model that enables them to be impartial in their reporting. You can sign up for free today and see for yourself at The Factual sends a daily email with the top news stories saving you time rummaging for news on the internet and through social media.

When The Factual and Stackmatix began working together, The Factual had done some testing with Facebook and Instagram ads and had seen some success, but they were also eager to take their digital marketing initiatives to the next level.

In just 4 short months, Stackmatix helped The Factual drop their Facebook/Instagram CPA by 51% while scaling their budget by 4.8x!

A lot of work goes into this type of result. Stackmatix was able to drive these results by:

  • Testing counterintuitive Facebook audiences that drove scale and performance
  • Highly iterative ad copy and landing page testing process which consistently was able to determine higher-performing copy
  • Landing pages specifically aligned in messaging with the ad copy
  • Leveraging Facebook’s Custom Audience technology to make campaigns more efficient and to find new audiences to reach

Stackmatix also tested Google ads and was able to validate within a month that Facebook was the superior channel. 

At Stackmatix, we find the best results for customers looking holistically at the customer journey and marketing funnel. We use creative methods to drive outsized results for our clients and constantly iterate never settling for the status quo.

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