Case Study: Earning 1st Page SEO with Curate Art Group

Curate Art Group is the leader in commercial, healthcare and hospitality art, placing 1000s of pieces of artwork for Fortune 500 clients such as Marriott International and MGM Resorts International.

Stackmatix and Curate Art Group started working together years ago, with a focus on developing a paid advertising strategy. This strategy brought in flagship clients such as Hilton International.

With Curate’s paid advertising approach producing great results, a little over a year ago our priority turned to optimizing their SEO strategy. Our goal was to improve Curate’s organic search ranking for their top paid search keywords.

This month we’re proud to say Curate Art Group has gone from ranking around 90th more than a year ago to now being within the top 3 in their category.

With SEO, there are key components that lead to improving your ranking:

  • Technical Site Audit: does your site follow SEO best practices in the way it is set up from a technical perspective?
  • Backlinks: do you have many backlinks from reputable sites to improve your domain authority?
  • Content: do you have quality content related to your top keywords, and is it SEO-optimized?

Stackmatix helps clients by reviewing each of these aspects of their SEO strategy and collaborates with clients to achieve the best results.

Brooke Nelson, Founder at Curate Art Group, says:

“It’s been great working with a partner like Stackmatix to accelerate our business through their expertise in digital marketing. It's amazing being on the first page of Google! We have seen a noteworthy increase in organic leads coming from search thanks to the improvement in our rankings."

Stackmatix’s mission is to support the growth of startups and high-velocity businesses over the long term, so we’re always excited when we can really move the needle for one of our clients. We’d love to see if we can do the same for your business as well. Email us at to schedule an introductory call with our team!